Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two pieces aren't just for summer anymore! One of this year's biggest prom dress trends is the elegant two piece dress. 

This two piece style is the perfect representation of this season's trends. This year is full of colorful, unique, and refreshing styles to match every personality. 

Some of your favorite styles from 2015 are here for another year, plus 2016 has brought plenty of flare.

With so many styles to chose from this year, you can rest easy knowing there is enough to go around.

Some of 2015's fabulous trends have stayed around another year, including the fun and flirty short dresses.

Other trends are new this year like pastels, and floral patterns. Don't mistake the floral patterns for the vintage trend of years past. These are bold, floral patterns are not your grandmother's patterns. They are a new era all their own.  

Had your heart set on a vintage prom dress? Never fear, lace is still very trendy this season.

Flowers and lace not your thing? Want something a little more bold? Sparkles, Cut-outs, and Animals prints are also trending. There really is a style for every girl. 

Finally, the classic that keeps coming back but never gets tired, which is why they call it a classic, the little black dress. Black is simple, elegent, and very hot right now! 


The only problem with this year's prom trends is, how will you choose which one?


Don't forget the perfect accessory to your stylish dress, a well-matched Tux! Mr. Burch can help your prom date compliment his tux to your one of a kind dress. With hundreds of styles in stock, we are guaranteed to be able to find the perfect tux to go with your unique style. 

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